Five Tips for Making Your Writing Matter

I’ve got news for you–making writing matter starts with you.

Feeling like you can’t get anyone to take your writing seriously? Like it doesn’t matter, even?

My coaching client Yvonne wrote this, “I can’t get to the pages you wanted me to write, I can’t even get to the other things in my life.”

I get it. I understand. Just this morning before I lifted my head off the pillow I heard that voice (sounded a lot like mine except WAY more nagging) saying…

you should be walking right now,

you have twelve emails to return,

clean the cat box,

empty the recycling,

vacuum the living room,

walk the dogs,

edit 14 pages ….

There is no way around it, writing will drop to the bottom of the list until you  DECLARE it is:






When I say declare I mean to firmly stand up for your writing–it feels good and you want to do more of it, right? So get the universe on your side–

tell everyone,

especially your kids and partner–(those lovely beings we call family can be the toughest ones to convince.)

Remember Yvonne, my client?  She said it best:

Everything else seems so much more important than writing in my journal about my life when I was six.” 

Unless you declare otherwise to yourself, and the world, this will continue to be true.


Tips for making writing important-

Tip 1: Shift your self-talk

I’ve always wanted to do this, so I need this time. It is important to me. 
(Say this or any other affirmation as often as you need to. Say it out loud. Say it into your beautiful face in the mirror. Say it in the car. Say it all the damned time.

Tip 2: Special tools

Have a special book, a particular place to write, a favourite pen and say no to everything else while you are writing.

Tip 3:  Set Boundaries

Yes, boundaries. Why?
–you need them. Try this:  “when my bedroom door is closed I’m writing. I’ll be out in a half hour.” (Then slam the door and laugh your butt off)

next, try telling the people around you:

“This really feels important to me. I have discovered something I love.”

Tip 4: You get to choose your audience. 

Make it clear your notebook, journal or laptop is off limits to readers. If you are certain no one will read it, you are much more likely to write great stuff.

Tip 5:  Guilt is not your friend.

Go at it with pleasure, not guilt. You aren’t abandoning the house, kids or pets…you are working on something you love, for you.

grab one of my #Inspiringmoment cues on social media, or pop over to the Get Inspired! of and let the ink roll…

 write what you remember, what you miss, what you wish you had more of…









Writer. Book coach. Collaborator.

I help exceptional coaches and thought leaders go from idea to book. Author of Loving Large, available April 2020, pre order now on Amazon.

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