A Bit About Me

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Meet Patti

I'm a writing coach and publishing strategist for traditional and self-published authors, and an author myself. I work with multi-six figure thought leaders, influencers, business coaches and transformational teachers to get their message and their mission blooming in the world.

I'm an alchemist—help people imagine, narrate, and structure powerful books. I love the way that books are at the nexus of art and architecture — their infrastructure begins from the scaffolding of an outline, chapter, scenes, backstory and reflection and the narrative elements are unearthed like specks of colour; breadcrumbs for the reader to find their way to your conclusion.

I'm a magnet for storytellers; I always have been. I was built for listening, cultivating memories, and tugging at tales. Your mission to share what you have to say becomes mine when we work together, because empathy is my highest value.

Dive deep into the first steps of shaping your memoir.

Overcome your barriers before you even put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

How to mine for memories and gather the stories in our lives to start writing.

Initial steps to memoir writing and creating a timeline for your story.

Want to collaborate to bring your book to life?

I only take on a select few book writing projects per year. So if you're serious, don't hesitate to take the first step today.