“Patti Hall is a gem in the publishing world. She understands my thinking and writing process beautifully. My first book was a complex project on a tight deadline but Patti was able to coach me through the writing and lead me through the endless steps of book completion and publishing flawlessly. She is extremely generous with her vast knowledge and experience and she will jump in the ocean of publishing and swim next to you all the way across and to solid land. She and I are on to my next book now which I know will be better than the first. Thank you Patti, I could not have done this without you!”
Teo Alfero, CEO and Founder of Wolf Connection, author of The Wolf Connection: What Wolves Can Teach Us About Being Human. and


“To call Patti Hall a writing coach is just to begin.
She’s a space holder.
A story arc seer.
A pom pom shaker.
A loving drill sergeant.
An industry expert.
A book proposal aficionado.
A soother of wobbly writer moments.
A grammar nerd.
Your story, like any newborn, needs tender, experienced hands.
You will be challenged. And your writing will get better (way better) in every possible way.”
Dr. Mandy Lehto, PhD, Executive Coach to Extraordinary Leaders, Moxiecast host,

“Patti gave me permission to stop writing for the result and start writing for ME. Then as she provided exquisite guidance to set free my real voice, a deeper essence of my soul emerged. She’s totally OK if I’m a snotty nosed sobbing mess or orgasmically on fire with enthusiasm. She’s a muse, a Canuck and a mama bear… I call that family ;-)” 

Allana Prattowner and creator of

“I have to say this, about working with Patti: she is beyond genius! Her writing, wordsmithing, editing and general brilliance in helping my book idea turn into something that actually makes sense on the page is breath taking. Literally. She takes my breath away. I’m so grateful I chose to take the leap and get her help with my book. Beyond blessed, is how I feel.”
Erica Golden, author of Resumes That Hack The Job 


“Patti is the midwife of creativity and the alchemist of the story. She has helped me in more ways than I ever anticipated when I decided to work with her. I have become a writer because of Patti, I have learned the art and the wackiness of the business and mostly I’ve embraced an art that I barely knew I had in me. Love you Patti… volumes can be filled with all the gratitude I have for you and your genius!”

Giovanna Capozza, writer, speaker, coach and creator of Lovesick and


“Patti is a dynamo who knows her stuff with both writing and the business of writing. She is able to adapt to the needs of her client while still holding them accountable to their goals. She is an incredible thought partner when working through new ideas and concepts, and holds the vision in view when the mechanics of writing gets tedious. Patti continues to support, encourage, and hold my feet to the fire when needed, and ensures I don’t feel alone in the process.”

Deborah Bakti, author of RECIPE for Empathy, speaker and empathy expert at 


“My book would not be a book without Patti M Hall. It would be a beautiful collection of words but it would not be a book. I’ve worked with Patti for months now and it’s been an honor and delight. She’s completely qualified to show you exactly what trenches to dig through and how to dig through them in order to tell your story but more than that, she will be in those trenches with you shovel in hand. What a rare combination to find a person who is as caring as they are provocatively challenging, a person who will help you rise to your own occasion.”

Steph Jagger, author of Unbound: Finding Myself at the Top of the World a memoir from Harper Wave.