“My book would not be a book without Patti M Hall. It would be a beautiful collection of words but it would not be a book. I’ve worked with Patti for four months now and it’s been an honor and delight. She’s completely qualified to show you exactly what trenches to dig through and how to dig through them in order to tell your story but more than that, she will be in those trenches with you shovel in hand. What a rare combination to find a person who is as caring as they are provocatively challenging, a person who will help you rise to your own occasion.”
Steph Jagger, author of Unbound: Finding Myself at the Top of the World a memoir from Harper Wave.  



“I have to say this, about working with Patti: she is beyond genius! Her writing, wordsmithing, editing and general brilliance in helping my book idea turn into something that actually makes sense on the page is breath taking. Literally. She takes my breath away. I’m so grateful I chose to take the leap and get her help with my book. Beyond blessed, is how I feel.”
Erica Golden, author of Here to 



“Patti has made her giant sons into truly gentle men; taken on medics and written about it with intelligence and humour. She helps other people gain confidence and inspires us to face down inner and outer demons. She is a warrior. We met in Iceland and she struck me from the first as a fireball of determination who can also listen attentively.”
Suzie Wilde, author The Book of Bera Part One: Sea Paths, Unbound Books.  


“Patti is an inspiration and a joy to work with. Patti took me from “I want to write a book” to “I am writing a book”. Her wisdom, enthusiasm and honest know-how are invaluable. She is helping me make my dreams a reality.”
Lara Heacock, Certified Life Coach, Blogger and the brilliance behind



“Writing life stories is a vulnerable process and takes courage every single day. Having Patti M Hall by my side throughout this process has been game changing for me. She is someone who has held my story in her hands with such fierce love and momma-bear protection, that I not only believe that I can do this, but know that it will be a piece of writing that touches the lives of those reading my words. She is passionate and creative and absolutely in her element with words and stories. Thank you, Patti, for modeling the way these stories get told.”
Carly Butler, writer and creator of