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Reframe Your Life Podcast

Co-Hosts: Sandy Reynolds & Patti M. Hall

Reframe Your Life was launched in April 2016 to address a then overlooked demographic in the podcast space - women over 45. The intention was to address issues that were relevant to women beyond career building and child-rearing. Over the years, the brand has evolved, but there has been one constant. We are a podcast focused on sharing the life-transforming stories of our guests with our audience.


Patti is a writer, book coach, publishing project manager, and a proud #Memoiraholic. She adores non-fiction and especially the memoir and personal narrative genre. She is an architect of story working with extraordinary leaders and transformational coaches to bring their books to the world. Patti's memoir Loving Large was released in April 2020 and she is presently at work on the sequels.


Sandy is a coach, speaker, and spiritual guide as well as the founder of Reframe Your Life. She works with women who have become entangled in systems that keep them from living authentic lives. Sandy has returned to her first love, writing and is working on a book titled Disappoint More People where she shares her story of overcoming people-pleasing and provides insight into how other people-pleasers can learn to get comfortable with disappointing others.


Previous guests include:
Bea Johnson,
Zero Waste Living

Courtney Carver,
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Cea Sunrise Person,
North of Normal

Jane Christmas,
Open House

Mary Reynolds,
The Garden Awakening