Illusion Busting-It Doesn't Have To Be So Difficult

What’s your excuse today?

Come on…I know you’ve got one. We all have excuses that scaffold our illusions about writing.

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It Doesn’t Have to Be So Difficult…

No, Ma’am.

You know the lines–“how do I start”, “why would I bother”, “who would read it anyway” and “I should be doing something else.”  These and more are the subject of my forthcoming e-book called Getting Started Writing About Your Life (February 29th release to the shop).   [To find out more, email us at]

You aren’t the only one…Let me tell you about Elise.

She emailed me the first of the week and among her other self-berating comments, all leading up to her putting off working on writing some little pieces about her years in high school, she declares:

I have no time. It’s the same problem as always–no time.”

I’m here to tell you-

it doesn’t have to be this difficult – 

it doesn’t have to take a lot of time

it doesn’t have to be about a book.

When you start writing about your life, it might be a paragraph in response to one of our #InspiringMoment cues like the ones in this post:

IM 01-02-2016

IM 12-02-2015

IM 11-24-15
I know it feels like a luxury to take time to write; that it is a self-indulgent, time-to-yourself activity that you talk about with a faraway gaze in your eyes, the same way as “when I win the lottery” and “when I’m sailing around the world in my 72-foot yacht”….it is something you said you MIGHT do someday…

when you retiredwhen you have a week offafter the kids are in school

But how about just doing a little bit today when you are scanning Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and see one of my prompts?

I’ll celebrate with you..

drop me an email and tell me that a prompt worked for you, and I’ll invite you to our PRIVATE Facebook Page where other people I work with on inspiration are posting their responses.

You’ve got this.

Write your face off.

Write. Your. Life.




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