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IT's HERE - The Story House STUDIO - all my private client tools are available to you in The House. SCROLL ON DOWN.

The Story House STUDIO







Want to know what's in the way of writing the book you dream of? YOU!


You'll find my signature methods, supportive yet irreverent tone, and proven coaching strategies imbedded in every tool in The Story House STUDIO from the  content priming guides through to my Craftbook Elements and its companion writing book Deepen.

Start here and get a feel for The Story House style:

10 Uncomfortable Truths About Writing



The first of many Guides, have a look at What's Your Story? a 35-page downloadable guide to creating and curating content for your memoir, introduction, or book's origin story. Because I believe that every non-fiction book begins with you. Reader want to spend time with you if they connect with you, so begin with writing about you. What's Your Story? will prime the pump.



What's Your Word? is a word-loving and savouring adventure, that includes my shoulder gazing method of life review in order to get clear on your intention. You get an 90 workbook to write in or guide your examination of the power of words, what they mean to you, how they can label our experiences and inspire future paths. Get a word of the year, examine what you want more and less of in your life, and have a blast while I show you ways to use "your word" in your creative life. (Lipstick on the mirror is involved, just sayin')



I'm so excited to offer the FOUNDATION content for self-study...this six module course has a 90 page workbook with it. Each module features a key milestone piece of content that prior to this writers only had access to in my private, invite-only, group Mastermind. FOUNDATION is the way into your book's content, shaping it and highlighting its themes and direction. By the time you complete FOUNDATION you know:

  • this
  • this
  • this and
  • this





FRAME — everyone who has completed FOUNDATION is invited to join the Mastermind to take all of the bookbuilding tools from the course and construct their book plan and writing strategy for completion. Six months in a small group environment with monthly calls, one-on-ones with me, writing partners and all the coaching and editorial support you will need to point yourself to completion.


PROPOSAL - available for the first time, beginning in March 2024 I will be cocreating the Proposal Mastermind based on the proposal work for nonfiction and memoir books I've completed with clients. If you think you'd like to be part of the first collaborative cohort, email me at patti@pattimhall.com








This may be next for some folks. (Others will skip all of the tools and come straight here.) If we haven't met, please go to the Reach Out page and fill in the questions there. This will make it easier for me to support you. Maybe you’ve completed alot of work on your own or come to the end of the FRAME mastermind mastermind where writers really get down into the weeds with me on their book. Yet you want more direction, publishing strategy and refinement. You've figured out your story to share, or your coaching work has lead you to develop a remarkable philosophy that benefits others. You might have an agent, or even a book deal in place now.  Amazing!

  I might be your partner, guide, and companion for this.

Book a Clarity Call with me (more below, keep reading) and I'll give you a lot to think about, help you sort priorities, consider an achievable timeline, and talk you through the process (writing, publishing, marketing.)

Are you stuck, stalled, stymied, or scared sh*tless? I get it. I got you.

A coach is the companion you need to go from idea, first draft, a pile of notes, or a dream ... to holding your book in your hands.

"You can't be too old, too young, too famous, or too unknown to write your story. Stop recycling excuses, the book is waiting."
– Patti

I specialize in transformational non-fiction and memoir, and I have extensive experience working in coaching modalities, medically-focused subjects, and business leadership philosophies. I work with authors who are interested in the traditional publishing process AND hybrid or author-publishing. I have team members who support me in editing, proofreading, social media strategy, graphic design, book layout, and e-publishing formatting.

I am a professional writer, nonfiction book coach and publishing project manager. I work with inspirational coaches, solopreneurs and thought leaders to translate their messages into memoirs, manifestoes, and business-boosting masterpieces.

How long will it take? Longer than you want it to. I'm a truth-teller not a miracle-promiser. You can't build the framework and content for an incredible book in a weekend, using a template, or on someone else's schedule.

Plan to work with me for at least six months...

Our intensive coaching relationship is for you if you're trying the writing already, have begun the work, and need accountability and partnership to develop your table of contents, cultivate content, and nail your first draft. You'll have my support weekly or bi-weekly along the way coaching you to strengthen your message, clarify your voice and enhance your writing style to reflect your personality.

You'll learn about publishing options, get critical feedback on your book in the marketplace and strategic advice on the business goals that should match your publishing dreams.


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