The world is waiting to hear

your story

... and you don't have to write it alone

Ways to work with me

We all feel the burn (the nudge, the tickle) of the book comin' through us ...

We cram some pages in that previously untouched notebook with ideas, lists, brilliant sentences and vivid memories ...

We find some writing time at the coffee shop, on a bench by the river, and feel the flow of words, like we turned on a faucet ...

By the end of week one, (or fifty-one) you think, Look at me I'm writing a book this year. (You even tell some people "I'm writing a book.")

You tromp along okay like this until you think about how to go from scrawled pages to printed book, from your desk to a bookstore shelf, and  then ...

"How the heck do I turn this into a book?"

You need a book coach.

You aren't the only one who ever said writing a book is freaking difficult —it's the toughest thing in the world (next to being a mother).
Here's the good news...

you don't have to do this alone.

One on one, story house, proposal project

Plan the Structure


The writing support and personal inspiration you need to get your book into the world. I'll be with you all the way. From the idea to the social media promotion.

Get the Writing Done


I'll break the writing into doable goals, and we'll review the pages together as you write, and because you speak to me every week or two you'll have built in accountability.

Expert Cheerleading


Storytelling is my passion and I'll always have energy when you don't, nudging you lovingly to keep on writing ... because the world needs to hear what you have to say.


If you could do it yourself, you'd be done by now.

Find out more on how I can help you bring life to your book.