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come to me when you've sussed out one of uncomfortable truths of writer-hood: Writing a book is really tough. And tougher still to do alone. Writing is about to feel a whole lot better...read on...


All of my clients can tell me about the moment they realized there was a book in this...

I know that this powerful sensation myself, and I've worked on dozens of books with writers who couldn't ignore their book any longer.

You're in the right place if you can't NOT write this.

Maybe you’ve figured out your story to share, or your coaching work has lead you to develop a remarkable philosophy that benefits others. You might have an agent, or even a book deal, in place now.  Amazing!

But how do you get from here (idea, offer, message, heaps of content, pages drafted) to there (a book)?

It's time to extend your reach and fulfill that dream of influencing and supporting way more folks.

Ready for action?  I might be your partner, guide, and companion for this.

Book a Deep Dive intensive call with me (more below, keep reading) and I'll give you a lot to think about, help you sort priorities, consider an achievable timeline, and talk you through the process (writing, publishing, marketing.)

Are you stuck, stalled, stymied, or scared sh*tless? I get it. I got you.

A coach is the companion you need to go from idea, first draft, a pile of notes, or a dream ... to holding your book in your hands.

I work exclusively on referral—although I have an awesome story about a client finding me by accident on Instagram when she was fed up with her book (which got a multiple six-figure book deal after we co-wrote her proposal).

Do you know someone close to me? Please mention this when you complete the clarity form that my team will be sending you.

Let's get you all the knowledge you need to start your book and publishing journey in a Deep Dive Intensive Call. We can about what you're working on, your goals, options you're considering, and personal and business stalling points. You can pick my brain about traditional publishing and proposals, how to become an author-publisher and the sketched out writing you've already done. After 2.5 hours with me you'll feel like you've got a water tower full of information, and you'll be really thankful that the recording and transcript are yours for follow-up.

You get to decide if my style works for you, and I get to fall in love with your story and your message.

Invest in my experience, discernment and writing savvy in a Deep Dive Intensive Call, ASAP. Pop over to the Reach Out page and give me some details.

"You can't be too old, too young, too famous, or too unknown to write your story. Stop recycling excuses, the book is waiting."
– Patti

I specialize in transformational non-fiction and memoir, and I have extensive experience working in coaching modalities, medically-focused subjects, and business leadership philosophies. I work with authors who are interested in the traditional publishing process AND hybrid or author-publishing. I have team members who support me in editing, proofreading, social media strategy, graphic design, book layout, and e-publishing formatting.

I am a professional writer, nonfiction book coach and publishing project manager. I work with inspirational coaches, solopreneurs and thought leaders to translate their messages into memoirs, manifestoes, and business-boosting masterpieces.

How long will it take? Longer than you want it to. I'm a truth-teller not a miracle-promiser. You can't build the framework and content for an incredible book in a weekend, using a template, or on someone else's schedule.

Plan to work with me for at least six months...

Our intensive coaching relationship is for you if you're trying the writing already, have begun the work, and need accountability and partnership to develop your table of contents, cultivate content, and nail your first draft. You'll have my support weekly or bi-weekly along the way coaching you to strengthen your message, clarify your voice and enhance your writing style to reflect your personality.

You'll learn about publishing options, get critical feedback on your book in the marketplace and strategic advice on the business goals that should match your publishing dreams.


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