You do not have to write the whole thing yourself
(60% of published authors don’t!) Yes, really.

Yes, it’s true. (Read the first two paragraphs of the acknowledgements in any non-fiction book and see what writer they thank… it’s their ghost!)

Ghostwriting, simply put, is you and I working together on a story that is told in your voice. Ghosts like me often remain unseen, unless we decide that you want to include my name on the cover. Ghostwriters are most commonly just thanked in the opening acknowledgements of a book. Some ghosts remain invisible and are only known to the publisher, the agent and the author. I have worked on fantastic manuscripts in all of these formats.

A ghostwriter is for you if you have no professional writing experience but you really want to see your story in a published format. If your dream involves seeing your name on the spine of a book at Barnes and Noble (US) or Chapters/Indigo (Canada) then a ghostwriter is the best way to get there.


Frequently asked questions about ghostwriting:

Q. How do we work together?
A. You give me your notes, journals, and anything you’ve written. You continue to write what you can while we are working together. We meet on a regular basis so that I can revise, edit and craft pages that are in a literary voice that you feel comfortable with. These will be brainstorms, interviews, reviews and memory-tugging times. Content generation will be the result.

Q. How much time will spend together?
A. I suggest weekly meetings of at least two hours of recording time and when face-to-face meetings are not possible I like to use Skype video conferencing. If this is not acceptable then speaker-phone calls can be used. The purpose of the interviews is to produce material sufficient to prepare an outline and begin writing as quickly as possible, usually within two or three months.

Q. How long until there is a book?
A. I estimate, based on my experience that it takes 18 months to complete a draft manuscript of about 50,000 words.

Q. How much does this cost?
A. The only fair answer is that it varies based on how much you’ve written, whether you will help with the writing, if research needs to be done, and if outside interviews are required. Project fees based upon monthly billing or lump sum payments are both options. I am always very transparent about costs. I contract an entertainment contract solicitor for all ghostwriting arrangements.


Still not sure about Ghostwriting? I know, it’s a big decision.

Let me say this—it has to be a fit.

If I’m not your writer or I’m not really jazzed about your story, then we both keep looking for the next project.

I’ve seen ghostwriting as a solution for people who want to:

get their content to sing

hear their voice reflected in their writing

take their draft notes or interview content and see it bloom into a book

be involved in every part of the work except the extensive rewriting that is the ghostwriter’s forte.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in pursuing, let’s chat.