You do not have to write the whole thing yourself
(60% of published authors don’t!)

Yes, it’s true. (Read the first two paragraphs of the acknowledgements in any non-fiction book and see what writer they thank… it’s their ghost!)

I like to call it Collaborating, because the term ghoswriting can be really confusing for folks. Simply put, you and I work together on a story that is told in your voice. You’re the author and I’m the writer–collaborators like me often remain unseen, unless we decide that you want to include my name on the cover. I’d love to be thanked in the opening acknowledgements of a book, too!

Having a collaborator is for you if you have no professional writing experience but you really want to see your story in a traditionally published format. If your dream involves seeing your name on the spine of a book at Barnes and Noble (US) or Chapters/Indigo (Canada) then a collaborator will help you get your book sold.