…a bit about me

I’m a non-fiction author, ghostwriter, and writing coach.  I’m a proud #memoiraholic – I adore the genre and the folks who are finding the grit to write it.  I’m a rare disease advocate, writer of memoirs with a decidedly strong medical theme. My memoir, Loving Large is being published by Dundurn Press in 2020

I am an alchemist of story. I love the way that books are built, their infrastructure, trail of breadcrumbs and organizing schemes. You can drop your puzzle pieces on the floor and I’ll reassemble them in a book layout, outline or arc. I’m a magnet for life writing. An eager listener who feasts on the details. I’m that person you meet at a dinner party, between the shelves in the bookstore or in the coffee shop line that you find yourself telling your history to.

My education may explain  my appreciation for formal writing and my many years of experience coaching aspiring university essay writers. Learning lessons the hard way, through loss, crisis and life journey surprises taught me to be a keen observer, and to miss nothing.

Betsy Rapoport, wildly experienced former non-fiction acquisitions editor, sought after professional editor, life coach, writer, and ghostwriter has this to say about me: “Patti Hall understands the intimate, tender, often heart-breaking process of diving deep into the psyche so necessary for memoir writing. Let her lead you through this difficult yet rewarding journey as you find your voice and tell your story.”