Our Own Forever: a mother, a son and the unthinkable

(work in progress, proposal available Spring 2018)

Our Own Forever is my  story of how parents endure when faced with their worst nightmare. It is my response to the most common, if rhetorical question parents of sick children face most often: “How do you do it?”

I wore all the hats–assumed roles in addition to Supermom, including Advocate, Cheerleader, Medical Researcher and Handler in order to quickly get my son the essential medical care needed when gigantism, an infamous disease caused by a large tumor on his pituitary gland, was his diagnosis. Left unchecked, the disease of mythological giants and a few modern day athletes and actors would ruin the quality of his life and could take it prematurely. I liken our experience with the diagnosis to a tsunami; an earthquake motivated wall of water that left me traumatized and unwillingly swept into the role of Single parent, Orphan and Patient myself.

It is a book filled with humor, the often dark comfort of people facing chronic and critical illness. My relationship with my sons evolved and tightened, as we confronted divorce, brain surgery, radiation and the death of my father, together. In my most enduring roles, I was Phoenix Rising and PTSD Survivor. I navigated the waters of terra incognita no differently than 30 million other families, and mine is a rich memoir told to empower, embolden and celebrate each of them.