writing does not need to happen alone. Together we can make writing a team sport.

As mysterious as the process of writing a memoir seems…it always looks something like this:

  • you write a little, inspired by an event, a class or a moment on a beach with a notebook, a pen and the view
  • a pile of pages starts to grow, and a couple of pages aren’t even that bad (!)
  • a chapter title comes to mind, cover images pop into your head
  • you’re pretty sure this is a good story, (everybody keeps telling you that you should write a book)
  • but the doubt creeps in, and the questions keep coming and then there is the big unknown:
  • how the heck does a person get from these scrawled notes to a book?

I broke it down this way because it’s a fact–every memoir works this way. Every. freaking. one of them.

Coaching is for you if you’ve tried long enough on your own.

If you could use a boost of energy, structure and enthusiasm that is all aimed at pulling your story from the depths, then I’m your coach.

I will be with you…

breaking the writing process into doable chunks

nudging you forward on your writing process

ongoing editorial comments on your writing

brainstorming overall book structure

creating mini deadlines that will move you toward your goal

developing organization strategies for managing your project

and always, unlimited writing inspiration

Are you ready to dive in to a session and get my comments on some pages too?

first time coaching consultation:

It all starts with you completing a document of questions for me so I can get acquainted with your story. Send me some pages to look, after that and then we will have session together to chat about my thoughts, your goals and how I can help.  I’ll offer you generous feedback and encouragement in places where you might be best served to put your energy. This is ideal for people testing the water around coaching, and for those who aren’t sure if they need a coach, a collaborator or a ghostwriter. My cheerleading will keep you writing and give you a taste of what having a personal writing coach feels like.

just click here and email me….