Getting Started on Your Memoir (Pt. 2)

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write your story

You want to write but don’t know how to get started, right?

If you are absolutely sure you want to write your story, or even a memoir, I can help.

You want to write. You know that much. 

Do these sound like things you say?

“I want to leave my story for my grandkids.”

“Writing a book is on my bucket list.”

“I’m journal writer, now how do I make it a book?”

“Everyone tells me, “You have to write a book.”

“I just know there is a book in me.”

“My story has to be out in the world.”

Almost every memoir writer I’ve met can align themselves with one of those. But you, your writing and the way you get the words on the page are completely unique. Everyone gets to his or her writing goal by trying some of the tools I’m highlighting below.

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If writing alone in a quiet corner, sipping tea while you look over old sepia family photographs isn’t for you…how about sitting down for a few hours in a room with other people who are just trying to get some personal stories on a page. In that room are supportive, compassionate people and a group leader who knows what it takes to pull your memories and guide them into a story you can write. A writing group is every writer’s friend. Writing is a team sport.

Find one, make one, join one online. Quiet space, shared purpose and nothing to do but feel the joy of getting started with your writing. Groups work.

I host No Memory Required mini writing retreats in Aurora, Ontario.  I am a story-puller with fifteen years experience helping people get started. My groups are small, and offer the secure environment of being lead as well as offering the freedom to write in a private, art gallery space.

Find out more by emailing me,

Individual attention is just the momentum boost we need, at some point. I have a coach, without whom I would have given up long ago. I know how valuable working with a personal writing cheerleader is to the process. If you have started a little, and feel unsure about your writing, or you have questions about getting it into a structure, table of contents, outline or book form, then a writing mentor or a word-loving super-coach is ideal for you.  A coach keeps you writing and will take your pages into a book with you.

A coach nudges you forward, meets with you regularly, will make you feel like a Pulitzer is coming you way. A coach will look at your writing with you, gently suggest places to add some detail(always), and spots where you could take away some detail (rarely).

There is more about coaching here on my webpage,

Neither of those sound good?  How about a Facebook group for writers, a class at your local library, a workbook or a self-guided online course? Have a look at the Memoir Writing Studio, and use the BLOGREADER code to get half off of everything in there. It’s my thank you for reading this far.  Dip your toe in the water at your pace, in the privacy of your favorite writing spot.  Then maybe you consider a writing group or a coach.

All of this goes to my message. Try the next thing. Try anything. Whatever it takes to return to the story, time and time again. It takes 250 pages to make a book. Of course there will be some twists and turns in the path to that big number.

One page at a time. Write today. Write what you can. Find your team. Find your coach. Take a course, ask for help, join something. The world is waiting to hear your story.

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