We Are The Owners of Our Stories

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(as published September 29, 2017 on www.kindovermatter.com) You own your story. I own mine. As authors of our lives, and the tales that our actions, feelings and choices produce, we are the owners…we have all the rights of ownership and that means that we each, every single one of us, gets to tell our tale. […]

Kindness to Myself In The Pages of My Memoir

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originally posted on Kind Over Matter.com August 2017   Confession time. I’m a memoiraholic. Mr. Webster and his logophiles (word-loving compadres) would define me thusly: one who loves narrative composed of personal experience to excess. Guilty. As. Charged. One of the reasons I love the memoir genre is that memoirs are an unself-conscious dive down […]

Branches Fall on the Well-Chosen Paths Too

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  published on www.kindovermatter.com  in July, 2017 I want to share something really personal with you. It’s the image I conjure every single time I (try to) meditate. I’m in a forest. There are trees on either side of me, I brush them with my hands, like they are the shoulders of old friends. I […]

Sometimes the Kindest Thing to Do is Start Over

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  published on www.kindovermatter.com in June, 2017 I tried a hundred ways to say it. Word junkies do that—we have thesaurus pages on the insides of our eyelids. I’m no different. I pressed the word restart and its myriad synonyms into my personal, lexical gap. I’m reassembling it. “It’s a rebuild.” I’m putting it back […]

How Discomfort Made Me Kinder to Myself

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as featured on Kind Over Matter in May, 2017 I’ve been writing about my personal #campaignforkind in my monthly blogs here at KOM this year. Thanks for reading. I’ve talked about how kindness is contagious and how it pays back in rich, feel-good dividends. Back in March I was turning the tables on myself, and […]

Self Kindness Meant Getting Out of My Own Way

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My personal campaign for kindness is in month three. The subject of this post is a big surprise to me because I’m outing myself as one of the causes for the lack of kindness in my life. In January I talked about the contagion of kindness. In February I was all about how kindness pays […]

Are you willing to be wrong about writing?

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Are you willing to be wrong about writing? Good! I’m here to tell you—YOU’RE WRONG. (and give you some TIPS to prove it to yourself) Writing is one of those creative, expressive tasks that provokes a lot of emotions. Wherever you are, whatever you’re feeling about writing, I’ve got you. Whatever you are telling yourself […]

Writing Made Easy: Write The Places

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Write what you see. Write what you feel. Write where you go. In celebration of places that inspire and the moments that we write. #tbt to that time my youngest guy and I fell in love with the most spectacular tree in Ireland–The King Oak. Charleville Castle, Tullamore. Places are my inspiration. Places imbue my […]

Declare your Writing is Important

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A client emailed me last week and said, “I have no time. It’s the same problem as always—no time.” When you start writing about your life, it feels like a luxury. It is that self-indulgent, time to yourself activity that you talk about the same way as winning the lottery or sailing around the world…. […]

What if the words aren’t coming easily?

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For makers and creatives, our work is deeply interwoven with our lives. It is not a job that we can leave at the end of the day. Our art is who we are, and reflects the emotional place we are in at every given moment. What happens when your life makes it impossible for you […]

Campaign for Kindness continues…even in February

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Kindness pays back instantly. I’m blogging about this again over at http://www.kindovermatter.com/2017/02/kindness-pays-back.html It’s February, and where I live, there isn’t enough sunshine to dose up the population with the vitamins we need. It isn’t easy to be kind right now, with the howling winter and the grey skies this time of year. Kindness is energetically […]

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Getting Started on Your Memoir (Pt. 2)

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You want to write but don’t know how to get started, right? If you are absolutely sure you want to write your story, or even a memoir, I can help. You want to write. You know that much.  Do these sound like things you say? “I want to leave my story for my grandkids.” “Writing […]

Getting Started is the Toughest Part (Pt. 1)

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Start with what’s easy. Start with the big story, and get the burst of energy that being productive on the page gives you. Tell your tale. Start there. Here is one way to get yourself writing today. Let me walk you through the way you can build up to telling your big story. Chances are […]